Madison East SDA Church Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2020-08-01 Put on the Whole Armor of God Eduardo Aguilar Play
2020-07-25 Freedom Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-07-18 He Became the Offense Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-07-11 Faith Maturity Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-07-04 Upper Room Experience Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-06-27 Keeping the Focus Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-06-20 Forgive Them Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-06-13 Let It Go Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-06-06 The Open Door Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-05-30 The Loud Cry: Love Warns Pastor Adam Case Play
2020-05-23 Eating from the Tree of Life Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-05-09 A White Stone, A New Name Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-05-02 A Union of Corruption Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-04-18 Message to the Ones Who Hold Fast - Philadelphia Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-04-11 A Town With Potential Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-04-04 The Revelation of Jesus - Types and AntiTypes Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-03-28 The Legacy of Elimelech Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-03-21 You, Me, and Jesus in the Times of Trouble Eduardo Aguilar Play
2020-03-14 Set Your Clocks Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-03-07 Hope Beyond Headlines, Immunity Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-02-29 Water! For the Lands of a Million Elephants Isensee Family and Lesa Budd Play
2020-02-22 Grief and the Fallout Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-02-15 Holy Spirit Instant Messaged You Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-02-08 One Who is Sent Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-02-01 Be Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-01-25 A Clean Dozen Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-01-18 Bread, Water, and Stone Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2020-01-11 What Are We Pastor Eric Chavez Play
2020-01-04 Blood Infusion Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-12-28 Treasury of Heaven Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-12-21 There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-12-14 Anticipation of the Moment Pastor Adam Case Play
2019-12-07 Baggage Claim Ticket Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-11-30 Leftovers Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-11-23 The Main Course Play
2019-11-16 Communication: Let's Talk About It Adam and Laurella Case Play
2019-11-09 #MessyLife Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-11-02 Breaking Down The Wall Paul Fiorello Play
2019-10-26 Days Turn Into Years Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-10-19 Enemy vs Prayer Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-10-12 On Top Of The World Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-10-05 Our Children Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-09-28 Family Room Religion Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-09-21 Is Your Life Retweetable Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-09-14 Through A Glass, Darkly Frank Molina Play
2019-09-07 God Is Like Avocado Toast Pastor Loren Nelson Play
2019-08-31 Life After the Death of Depression: Back from the Bottomless Pit Adrian Crabb Play
2019-08-24 Face to Face Pastor Bill Ochs Play
2019-08-17 I Don't Like 'The Man' Dan Flanigan Play
2019-08-10 Sin's Battlefield Lesa Budd Play
2019-07-27 Fulfilled and With No Lack Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2019-07-20 What I Really Want? Pastor Adam Case Play
2019-07-13 The One Whom Jesus Loved Eduardo Aguilar Play
2019-07-06 Farewell and Thank You Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2019-07-29 The Journey from Hate to Love Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2019-06-08 What is in Your Hand? Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2019-06-01 Can You Tell the Difference? Eduardo Aguilar Play
2019-05-25 Home Upenyu Majee Play
2019-05-18 Fate of the Infidels Frank Molina Play
2019-05-04 Where Have You Come From and Where Are You Going? Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2019-04-27 Touched By Love Elder Mike Edge Play
2019-04-20 Where Is Your Brother? Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2019-04-06 Jesus, Knowing... Pastor James Van Arsdale Play
2019-03-30 Out of the Pit, Into the Light Naomi Makesa Play
2019-03-23 Israel Trip Reflections Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2019-03-16 The Four Horsemen of Marriage Pastor Adam & Laurella Case Play
2019-03-09 The Ugly Dog Pastor James Van Arsdale Play
2019-03-01 Brand Loyalty Pastor Enrique Serna Play
2019-02-23 Where Are You? Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2019-02-16 The Sanctuary, Revelation and Me! Scott Erb Play
2019-02-02 Marriage: The Good News Pastor Adam and Laurella Case Play
2019-01-26 The Truth About White Lies Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2019-01-12 The Four Faces of Blind Bart Pastor Adam Case Play
2019-01-05 Jesus Eats With Sinners at the Table Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-12-29 All Things New Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-12-22 The Greatest Gift: A Christmas Child Pastor Adam Case Play
2018-12-15 What's Your Mission? Jim Parish Play
2018-12-01 Why Adventist Education Pastor Titus Naftanaila and Paul Britain Play
2018-11-24 Post Thanksgiving Detox Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-11-17 Two Givers and God's Blessings Pastor Lisa Isensee Play
2018-11-10 Lift Him Up Pastor Jim Van Arsdale Play
2018-11-03 Disappointment with God Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-10-27 Depth Perception Pastor Eric Chavez Play
2018-10-13 Out of Focus Brian Stephan Play
2018-10-06 Nicodemus, the Secret Believer Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-09-29 I Love Jesus but not the Church Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-09-22 Are You Safe for Heaven Scott Erb Play
2018-09-15 Ichabod! Frank Molina Play
2018-09-08 Dios Bueno, Dios Malo Eduardo Aguilar Play
2018-09-01 The Last Dinner Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-08-18 Stones, Seasons and Sucklings Frank Molina Play
2018-08-11 Vacation Bible School Janet Dierks Play
2018-08-02 "Don't Walk by Feelings! Live by What?" Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-07-28 Stateless Upenyu Majee Play
2018-07-21 Corrected Pastor Adam Case Play
2018-07-14 Saved from the Cave Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-07-07 The Guard at the Tomb Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-06-09 I'm Not From Around Here Pastor Adam Case Play
2018-06-02 I Am Very Satisfied With My Life Youth Play
2018-05-25 Change Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-05-19 One Identity Paul Spalitta Play
2018-05-12 Number One and Number Two Richard Moore Play
2018-04-28 The Ultimate Legacy Cindy Stephan Play
2018-04-21 Think About Heaven Dan Flanagan Play
2018-04-07 Not Far, But Not In The Kingdom Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-03-31 The Resurrected Saints When Jesus Died Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-03-24 Daniel's Memorial Service Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-03-17 One More Pastor Adam Case Play
2018-03-10 Junior Church Readings Junior Sabbath School Class Play
2018-03-03 See The Vision Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-02-24 The Field Of The Soul Adrian Crabb Play
2018-02-17 The Prayer Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-02-10 The Ram And The Goat Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2018-02-03 Be Like Jesus Darwin Elmer Play
2018-01-27 Living Unafraid Elder Mike Edge Play
2018-01-20 One Byte At A Time Roger Dunder Play
2018-01-13 Preparing For Eternity Pastor Adam Case Play
2018-01-07 The Ripped Veil Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2017-12-30 Jesus In The Sanctuary Scott Erb Play
2017-12-23 Whats In A Gift Scott Erb Play
2017-12-16 Daniel: The Judgement Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2017-12-09 Daniel: The Lions Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2017-12-02 Daniel: The Writing On The Wall Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2017-11-25 Of Suffering And Sacrifice Frank Molina Play
2017-11-18 Daniel 4: Insanity Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2017-11-11 Daniel: The Fire Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2017-11-05 Daniel: The Dream Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2017-10-28 God Prepared The Worm Pastor Adam Case Play
2017-10-21 Daniel: Having The Courage To Be Different Pastor Titus Naftanalia Play
2017-10-14 Daniel: When Tragedy Collapses Your World Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2017-10-07 The Crucifixion Darkness Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play
2017-09-30 Religious Liberty At Home Pastor Titus Naftanaila Play